Trees: XML to Latex to PDF


I’m still working on writing a sample PDDL domain in the CRISP style. I’ve made progress in better understanding CRISP’s method and their XML format. I even wrote a quick little parser to turn their XML LTAGs into latex qtree format, to view it as a syntax tree in pdf. (Roundabout yes, but I already knew qtree formatting.) I wrote this post on my project. I’ve also fiddled a bit trying to get a plan recognizer up and running (no luck yet). I was sick Tuesday, so it’s been another short week. I got a huge monitor, though, so that’s been nice.

Progress Evaluation:

Writing sample language PDDL: Last week I made no promises here, and that was wise. I made progress, but met no distinct goal. I’m proud of my dinky little XML -> latex -> pdf code, though.

Write project page: Posted. I want it better, so I’m going to revise it sometime, but it’s done for now.

Grad School List: Slowly adding details here and there. Lots of tabs. I also started an employment spreadsheet, for similar reasons.

UROP Application: I still haven’t done anything on this. I should. I did apply to TA next semester, at least.

Broader AI Studies: On Tuesday the only research-related work I did was watch University of Edinburgh lectures, so that’s something.

Next Week:

  • Language PDDL: Continue, focusing on obtaining more LTAGs without hand-copying
    • Hopefully CRISP or SPUD or someone somewhere has code for XTAG to XML translation.
  • Get a plan recognizer working, and try to get it working on recognizing complete plans from CRISP language plans.
  • Make real progress on UROP funding application
  • Grad School List: Keep on adding details, look into professors at my top schools
  • Broader AI Studies: I’ll leave it up to my whims, but I’m betting I’ll whittle through more of this comprehensive report on AI and discrimination.

Other Topic:

I’ve done enough writing for one week, so I’ll break format here and not write in-depth on a topic.

Besides all this, Matt and I decided long ago that the second Saturday in June would henceforth be “Grand Breakfast Day”, because the summer is holiday deficient. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.